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BACKGROUND Field clinical trials of pollen allergy are affected by the impossibility of predicting and determining individual allergen exposure because of many factors (eg, pollen season, atmospheric variations, pollutants, and lifestyles). Environmental exposure chambers, delivering a fixed amount of allergen in a controlled environmental setting, can(More)
Background: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic progressive multifactorial disease with limited treatment options. Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of glycosides based standardized fenugreek seed extract (SFSE-G) on behavioral, biochemical, molecular and ultrastructural changes in bleomycin (BLM) induced pulmonary fibrosis in the laboratory rats.(More)
BACKGROUND Allergenic pollen exposure is mostly seen as an outdoor phenomenon but studies have shown an indoor exposure: different pollen species including birch and grass pollen in houses, schools, and shops are leading to long-lasting symptoms even after the pollen season because pollen settle on surfaces and re-enter the indoor air depending on(More)
BACKGROUND The GA2LEN chamber has been developed as a novel mobile allergen exposure chamber (AEC) allowing standardized multicenter trials in allergy. Hitherto, subjective nasal symptom scores have been the most often used outcome parameter, but in standardized modern trials objective parameters are preferred. Despite its practicability, the objective(More)
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