Torsten Schultz

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This paper describes the design of a multilingual speech recognizer using an LVCSR dictation database which has been collected under the project GlobalPhone. This project at the University of Karl-sruhe investigates LVCSR systems in 15 languages of the world, and Turkish. For our experiments we used six of these languages to train and test several(More)
In our effort to build spoken language translation systems we have extended our JANUS system to process spontaneous human–human dialogs in a new domain, two people trying to schedule a meeting. Trained on an initial database JANUS-2 is able to translate En-glish and German spoken input in either English, German, Spanish, Japanese or Korean output. To tackle(More)
In the past decade, the performance of spoken language understanding systems has improved dramatically, including speech recognition, dialog systems, speech summarization, and text and speech translation. This has resulted in an increasingly widespread use of speech and language technologies in a wide variety of applications. With more than 6,900 languages(More)
RAVENNA is a model-based specification system for electronic components in the field of bodywork and infotainment. Powerful tools are used to systematically record requirements and then supplement these with symbolic UML specifications. Executable models, simple integration of off-the-shelf displays, haptic control elements and speech dialog systems all(More)
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