Torsten Reda

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Red or processed meat, but not white meat or fish, is associated with colorectal cancer. The endogenous formation of nitroso compounds is a possible explanation, as red or processed meat--but not white meat or fish--causes a dose-dependent increase in fecal apparent total N-nitroso compounds (ATNC) and the formation of nitroso-compound-specific DNA adducts.(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) involves changes in both lipid and RNA metabolism, but it remained unknown if these differences associate with AD's cognition and/or post-mortem neuropathology indices. Here, we report RNA-sequencing evidence of inter-related associations between lipid processing, cognition level, and AD neuropathology. In two unrelated cohorts, we(More)
Spike-In RNA variants (SIRVs) enable for the first time the validation of RNA sequencing workflows using external isoform transcript controls. 69 transcripts, derived from seven human model genes, cover the eukaryotic transcriptome complexity of start-and end-site variations, alternative splicing, overlapping genes, and antisense transcription in a(More)