Torsten Nutsch

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By reverse-engineering we have detected eight kinetic phases of the symmetric switch cycle of the Halobacterium salinarum flagellar motor assembly and identified those steps in the switch cycle that are controlled by sensory rhodopsins during phototaxis. Upon switching the rotational sense, the flagellar motor assembly passes through a stop state from which(More)
MOTIVATION Need for software to setup and analyze complex mathematical models for cellular systems in a modular way, that also integrates the experimental environment of the cells. RESULTS A computer framework is described which allows the building of modularly structured models using an abstract, modular and general modeling methodology. With this(More)
Prokaryotic taxis, the active search of motile cells for the best environmental conditions, is one of the paradigms for signal transduction. The search algorithm implemented by the cellular biochemistry modulates the probability of switching the rotational direction of the flagellar motor, a nanomachine that propels prokaryotic cells. On the basis of the(More)
We evaluated the effect of forage quality on response of cattle to supplementation with cooked molasses blocks. In Exp. 1, 175 heifers had ad libitum access to prairie hay (5.2% CP, DM basis). Treatments were a 2 x 3 factorial: supplementation with 0 or 1.96 kg/d of alfalfa DM, and supplementation with no cooked molasses block or with a low-protein or a(More)
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