Torsten Kuehne

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In Europe hazardous wastes are classified by 14 criteria including ecotoxicity (H 14). Standardized methods originally developed for chemical and soil testing were adapted for the ecotoxicological characterization of wastes including leachate and solid phase tests. A consensus on which tests should be recommended as mandatory is still missing. Up to now,(More)
Bundles of semiflexible polymers such as actin filaments are studied theoretically. The bundle formation is governed by attractive filament interactions mediated by cross-linking sticker molecules. Using a combination of analytical arguments and Monte Carlo simulations, it is shown that the formation of bundles of parallel filaments requires a threshold(More)
Semiflexible polymers and filaments play an important role in biological and chemical physics. Single filaments are characterized by a certain bending rigidity which governs their persistence length and buckling instabilities. Attractive mutual interactions of filaments in bundles or the attractive interaction with an adhesive substrate lead to equilibrium(More)
Beet cryptic viruses occur differentially in cultivars of chard (only BCV 1) and red beet (only BCV 2). As landraces of these crops and wild beets can contain both of the viruses, the differential occurrence in cultivars should indicate founder effects in the course of evolution of chard and red beet. Consequently, the genetic base of those crops should be(More)
We obtained transformed bean shoots by electroporation of intact bean cells with the plasmid pDPG165 containing bar gene conferring herbicide resistance to plants. Transformed shoots were selected from electroporated callus on herbicide containing media. Data of molecular analysis (PCR and Southern blotting) confirmed the insertion of bar gene in the genome(More)
Barley mild mosaic virus (BaMMV), a member of the family Potyviridae, genus Bymovirus, is involved in the economically important yellow mosaic disease of winter barley in East Asia and Europe. We investigated serological properties of bacterially expressed BaMMV coat protein (CP) of a German isolate. Ten mouse monoclonal antibodies were produced using(More)
This study reports a new X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA) mutation and its phenotypic features in a 6(1/2)-year-old boy. Different clinically defined subtypes of XLA may exist according to different genetic alterations and to other defect signalling molecules or pathways of B cell maturation.
We investigate the force generation by polymerizing bundles of filaments, which form because of short-range attractive filament interactions. We show that bundles can generate forces by a zipping mechanism, which is not limited by buckling and operates in the fully buckled state. The critical zipping force, i.e. the maximal force that a bundle can generate,(More)