Torsten Korneffel

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Let V be a set of vertices with |V |=n and E=V2 ) the set of all 2-element subsets of V , called the set of edges. A graph property P on V is a set of graphs with vertex set V (i.e., P ⊆ 2E), that is invariant under permutation of the vertices. Given such a property, we want to decide if an unknown graph G has the property, i.e., G∈P. We model this task as(More)
A subset D of the vertex set of a graph G is a (k, p)-dominating set if every vertex v ∈ V (G) \ D is within distance k to at least p vertices in D. The parameter γk,p(G) denotes the minimum cardinality of a (k, p)-dominating set of G. In 1994, Bean, Henning and Swart posed the conjecture that γk,p(G) ≤ p p+k n(G) for any graph G with δk(G) ≥ k + p − 1,(More)
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