Torsten Gottschalk-Gaudig

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The heat of immersion and the surface properties of pyrogenic silicas were examined using microcalorimetry and inverse gas chromatography at finite concentration (FC-IGC). The microcalorimetric(More)
Treatment of the nitrosyl complex [Ru(NO)('pybuS4')]Br (1a) with NaBH4 in CH3OH yielded [Ru(HNO)('pybuS4')](2), which could be completely characterized. The X-ray structure determination of 2(More)
Hydride and eta(2)-H(2) ruthenium complexes with sulfur-rich coordination spheres were synthesized. Substitution of either DMSO or PPh(3) in [Ru(DMSO)(PR(3))('S(4)')] and [Ru(PPh(3))(2)('S(4)')] by(More)
The interactions of water, hexamethyldisiloxane, and dodecane with pyrogenic silica samples, modified by a controlled partial silylation with dimethyldichlorosilane, were studied by microcalorimetry(More)
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