Torsten Fritz

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In this work, we model the optical constants of three organic materials using a modified Lorentz oscillator model. We have analysed the impact of the choice of the objective or merit function, which is employed for model parameter estimation, on the modelling of the optical constants. The objective function for model parameter determination should be chosen(More)
The epitaxy of many organic films on inorganic substrates can be classified within the framework of rigid lattices which helps to understand the origin of energy gain driving the epitaxy of the films. Yet, there are adsorbate-substrate combinations with distinct mutual orientations for which this classification fails and epitaxy cannot be explained within a(More)
Alkali metal atoms are frequently used for simple yet efficient n-type doping of organic semiconductors and as an ingredient of the recently discovered polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon superconductors. However, the incorporation of dopants from the gas phase into molecular crystal structures needs to be controlled and well understood in order to optimize the(More)
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