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the date of receipt and acceptance should be inserted later Abstract. It is well known that cosmic rays contribute significantly to the pressure of the interstellar medium in our own Galaxy, suggesting that they may play an important role in regulating star formation during the formation and evolution of galaxies. We here discuss a novel numerical treatment(More)
The origin of intergalactic magnetic fields is still a mystery and several scenarios have been proposed so far: among them, primordial phase transitions, structure formation shocks and galactic outflows. In this work we investigate how efficiently galactic winds can provide an intense and widespread " seed " magnetisation. This may be used to explain the(More)
We introduce d2o, a Python module for cluster-distributed multi-dimensional numerical arrays. It acts as a layer of abstraction between the algorithm code and the data-distribution logic. The main goal is to achieve usability without losing numerical performance and scalability. d2o’s global interface is similar to the one of a numpy.ndarray, whereas the(More)
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