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Despite the critical role that TNF-alpha plays in the containment of mycobacterial infection, the mechanisms involved in regulation of its expression by mycobacteria are poorly defined. We addressed this question by studying MAP, which causes a chronic enteritis in ruminants and is linked to human Crohn's disease. We found that in MAP infected macrophages,(More)
The experiences in the treatment of 19 fractures of the mandibular body in 14 children and 30 similar fractures in 23 adolescents are reported. The average hospitalization of the conventionally treated children lasted 19.5 days compared with 14.8 days in the osteosynthesized group, which originally suffered from heavier fracture dislocations. Intermaxillary(More)
From 1981-1992 we reconstructed the temporomandibular joint in 42 patients. In 33 cases reconstruction followed tumour resection of the mandible, almost advanced squamous cell carcinomas of the retromolar region. Primary reconstruction was made by an alloplastic condylar prosthesis combined with a plate for mandibular reconstruction. 2 years after first(More)