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Over the past years, the interaction between humans and computers (HCI) evolved to one of the most important research topics in computer science. Therefore , finding aw ay for an intuitive,e asy and affordable interaction is the main challenge. Optical markerless tracking using consumer hardware can satisfy these problems. However, in order to be able to(More)
We provide computer-animated characters with haptic interaction, allowing human users to interfere with cogni-tive characters. Our work presents an interface between control and animation of virtual characters (CONTACT) and HapTEK, a framework for haptic interaction of a human hand with virtual reality (VR). This way, human-computer interaction becomes(More)
Nowadays biologists investigate different causes for deafness. One reason is adamage in aparticular region of the auditory brain stem. Anatomical differences were discovered when investigating brain slices of different laboratory mice. However, these slices are only atwo dimensional representation of apart of the brain. The arising question washow these(More)
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