Torsten Ackemann

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Today, most peer-to-peer networks are based on the assumption that the participating nodes are cooperative. This works if the nodes are indifferent or ignorant about the resources they offer, but limits the usability of peer-to-peer networks to very few scenarios. It specifically excludes their usage in any non-cooperative peer-to-peer environment, be it(More)
In recent times, the growth in the number of subscribers of peer to peer networks has been phenomenal. Anonymity being a character of such networks also gave rise to the number of free-riders and malicious behaviors. Though free riders consume network bandwidth and decrease the network performance by displaying selfish behavior, they are not a serious(More)
To my parents and my brother for their love, continued support, and encouragement To my aunt and my cousins for not treating me as a relative but as a family member To my grandfather and uncle Dung as the last kiss Acknowledgments First and foremost, I thank my family and my friends for their continued support, encouragement, and understanding that have(More)
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