Torstein Jensen

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BACKGROUND To determine whether the use of an electronic, sensor based stethoscope affects the cardiac auscultation skills of undergraduate medical students. METHODS Forty eight third year medical students were randomized to use either an electronic stethoscope, or a conventional acoustic stethoscope during clinical auscultation training. After a training(More)
BACKGROUND The present study compares the value of additional use of computer simulated heart sounds, to conventional bedside auscultation training, on the cardiac auscultation skills of 3rd year medical students at Oslo University Medical School. METHODS In addition to their usual curriculum courses, groups of seven students each were randomized to(More)
Today, most healthcare systems are built for the convenience of healthcare providers. Since the 1990s there has been a growing interest on involving the patient more in his or her own treatment, and in that way improve the quality of care. One of the means of doing that is to develop software that puts the patient in the centre while allowing the providers(More)
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