Torquato Cecchini

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The design and development of computational infrastructures supporting existing tele-laboratory experiences in the field of automation and robotics are described. The goal of the activity is to provide a proper e-learning environment in which remote laboratory experiences are integrated in a coherent way. The addition of e-learning features, as(More)
The work describes ongoing work at the University of Pisa on the field of tele-laboratories and distance learning. In particular, the group is working at the evolution of existing tele-laboratory experiments in the field of robotics and control into learning units of a self-consistent didactic project. The pick-and-place system described has been designed(More)
Since there still is a lack of autonomous solutions in the S&R field, in the NBC one and more in general when a manipulation of dangerous substances is requested, technical solutions are mainly approaching these problems with teleoperation. This paper describes a particular specific system control architecture suitable for remotely operated platforms(More)
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