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In this paper we investigate the usage of cognitive radio devices within the service area of TV broadcast stations. Until now the main approach for a cognitive radio to operate in the TV bands has been to register TV broadcast stations locations and thus protecting the broadcast stations service area. Through information about TV receivers' location, we(More)
In some areas, overlapping networks provide alternative wireless links like WLAN, GSM, 3G etc. Ideally, the user should be connected to the most attractive network any time according to predefined priorities. This is accomplished with automatic handover. The most likely commercial application of this type is designed for speech, and is using SIP to set up(More)
In this paper, we present Mist: a reliable and delay-tolerant middleware for information dissemination between highly mobile devices. Mist provides publish/subscribe with guaranteed message delivery in fully connected networks. Through emulation we show how the middleware is effective in static networks, as well as in dynamic topologies with high mobility.(More)