Torleif Veen

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Hybridization in natural populations is strongly selected against when hybrid offspring have reduced fitness. Here we show that, paradoxically, pairing with another species may offer the best fitness return for an individual, despite reduced fitness of hybrid offspring. Two mechanisms reduce the costs to female collared flycatchers of pairing with male pied(More)
Given a commutative ring spectrum R let Λ X R be the Loday functor constructed by Brun, Carlson and Dundas, which is equivalent to the tensor X ⊗ R in the category of commutative ring spectra. Given a prime p ≥ 5 we calculate π * (Λ T n HF p) for n ≤ p, and find a formula for the operator σ : π * (Λ T n HF p) → π * (Λ T n+1 HF p) induced by the standard(More)
4 The tangent space 49 4.0.1 The idea of the tangent space of a submanifold of euclidean space. 49 11 Hints or solutions to the exercises 181 References 207 Index 210 5 6 Chapter 1 Preface 1.0.1 What version is this, and how stable is it? This is the open β-release resulting from the minor revision at Kistrand, Northern Norway in the summer of 2013. If the(More)
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