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BACKGROUND Although there is evidence for a reduction in breast carcinoma mortality with mammographic screening, some doubts have been expressed, and there is still uncertainty regarding the age specific effects. METHODS The authors report on a randomized, controlled trial of mammographic screening for breast carcinoma that was conducted among 51,611(More)
Mouse gallbladder epithelial cells were studied with the electron microscope during fasting and refeeding. Morphometric data were obtained from randomly selected epithelial cells of normal starved (12, 24, and 48 hr) and refed (12 hr) mice. Deprivation of food significantly diminishes the volume density of the mucinous secretory granules by about 70% after(More)
  • T Wahlin
  • 1976
Mice fed a cholesterol-cholic acid-containing lithogenic diet developed gallstones within 2 months. The gallbladders were grossly distended and morphometric studies of the gallbladder revealed a significant epithelial hyperplasia after 2 weeks. Based on results obtained with histochemical techniques an increase of glycoproteins could be demonstrated in the(More)
The mucosubstances of the gallbladder epithelium of the Mongolian gerbil have been analyzed histochemically. The results indicated that they are composed of carboxylated and sulfated glycoproteins. A closer study of the principal cell structure with ultrastructural and cytochemical technique localized the glycoproteins to the glycocalyx, lysosomes, Golgi(More)
Mucosubstances of the mouse gallbladder epithelial cells were investigated with light and electron microscopic techniques. Based on results obtained with light microscopic histochemical techniques, viz. staining with PAS, Azure A and different Alcian blue methods in combination with various digestion procedures, the mucosubstance could be classified as a(More)
Principal cells of mouse gallbladder epithelium were subjected to quantitative electron microscopic investigation either after superstimulation with pilocarpine for 12 days or 6 weeks after vagotomy at different levels. Cholinergic superstimulation caused a slight hypertrophy of the principal cells, whereas different types of vagotomy induced hypotrophic(More)
The mouse gallbladder epithelium was studied with light microscopic autoradiography and quantitative electron microscopy during fasting, refeeding and experimental gallstone formation. To determine the intracellular pathway of glycoproteins, H3-galactose was injected at different time intervals into the mice. At 10, 25 and 40 min after an intraperitoneal(More)
Principal cells of mouse gallbladder epithelium were subjected to a quantitative electron microscope study after in vivo and in vitro exposure to pilocarpine, noradrenaline, atropine, and phenoxybenzamine. Stereologic measurements were performed on randomly selected principal cells, and special interest was paid to changes in the size of the secretory(More)
The ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the secretory granules of the male hamster submandibular salivary gland were studied. After fixation in glutaraldehyde followed by osmium tetroxide the granules exhibit a characteristic bipartite substructure, with an electron lucid crescenteric rim and a more dense central core. A differentiation into two regions of(More)
The autonomic innervation of the mouse gallbladder mucosa was studied using histo-and cytochemical methods. In a light microscopic investigation the distribution of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity and formaldehyde-induced fluorescence was studied histochemically. Nerve fibres and small varicosities showed concentrations of AChE activity very close to(More)