Torin A. Gerhart

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In this project we were given 80 images of cats and 80 images of dogs which was to be used as a training set to classify another set of 38 images containing cats and dogs. In this project four different methods were used for classification. The first method uses the Average and Laplacian filter followed by Linear Discriminant Analysis. The second method(More)
Automated detection of chemical plumes presents a segmentation challenge. The segmentation problem for gas plumes is difficult due to the diffusive nature of the cloud. The advantage of considering hyperspectral images in the gas plume detection problem over the conventional RGB imagery is the presence of non-visual data, allowing for a richer(More)
Cellular processes are complex and result from the interplay between multiple cell types and their environment. Existing cell biology techniques often do not allow for accurate interpretation of this interplay. Using a quantitative imaging-based approach, we present a high-content protocol for characterizing the dynamic phenotypic responses (i.e. morphology(More)
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