Torgny Brogårdh

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In the last decades, an increasing attention has been paid to the study of different parallel structure mechanisms and their applications, mainly triggered by Stewart that presented an aircraft simulator system. Parallel structure features provide big advantages in potential applications. For example, parallel robots may give higher speed and acceleration,(More)
One key competence for robot manufacturers is robot control, defined as all the technologies needed to control the electromechanical system of an industrial robot. By means of modeling, identification, optimization , and model-based control it is possible to reduce robot cost, increase robot performance, and solve requirements from new automation concepts(More)
In spite of the high performance potential for manipulator structures based on parallel kinematics, this technology has not yet made any big impact on industrial automation. However, there is an interesting trend towards the use of general purpose industrial robots for applications with higher demands on accuracy, stiffness, eigenfrequency, cycle time etc.(More)
M any promising robotics research results were obtained during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Some examples include Cartesian force control and advanced motion planning. Now, 20 years and many research projects later, many technologies still have not reached industrial usage. An important question to consider is how this situation can be improved for(More)
Extended Abstract The need for keeping manufacturing and workplaces in Europe calls for new ideas and concepts for productive robots with focus on their usefulness for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). The activities from the Robotics Research at LTH, [3], [4], [2], and in particular those related to the SMErobot project [1] comprise efforts in(More)