Torgeir Ruden

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Large multigene sequence alignments have over recent years been increasingly employed for phylogenomic reconstruction of the eukaryote tree of life. Such supermatrices of sequence data are preferred over single gene alignments as they contain vastly more information about ancient sequence characteristics, and are thus more suitable for resolving deeply(More)
Animals are evolutionarily related to fungi and to the predominantly unicellular protozoan phylum Choanozoa, together known as opisthokonts. To establish the sequence of events when animals evolved from unicellular ancestors, and understand those key evolutionary transitions, we need to establish which choanozoans are most closely related to animals and(More)
Kestutis Aidas,1 Celestino Angeli,2 Keld L. Bak,3 Vebjørn Bakken,4 Radovan Bast,5 Linus Boman,6 Ove Christiansen,7 Renzo Cimiraglia,2 Sonia Coriani,8 Pål Dahle,9 Erik K. Dalskov,10 Ulf Ekström,11 Thomas Enevoldsen,12 Janus J. Eriksen,7 Patrick Ettenhuber,7 Berta Fernández,13 Lara Ferrighi,14 Heike Fliegl,11 Luca Frediani,14 Kasper Hald,15 Asger Halkier,16(More)
To identify as many different transcripts/genes in the Atlantic salmon genome as possible, it is crucial to acquire good cDNA libraries from different tissues and developmental stages, their relevant sequences (ESTs or full length sequences) and attempt to predict function. Such libraries allow identification of a large number of different transcripts and(More)
The indirect nuclear spin–spin coupling constants of allene and of two sterically strained hydrocarbons – cyclopropane and cyclopropene – calculated at different levels of electronic-structure theory are compared with each other and with experimental equilibrium constants, obtained from experiment by subtracting calculated vibrational contributions. It is(More)
Using the coupled-cluster method, we have examined the contributions from the connected quadruple and quintuple virtual excitations to the harmonic vibrational frequencies and equilibrium bond distances of HF, N(2), F(2), and CO. Whereas the largest quadruples contributions are -18.8 cm(-1) to the harmonic frequency of N(2) and 0.43 pm to the bond distance(More)
Big Data has an increasing impact on the use of bioinformatics software. One way to deal with this challenge is through parallel computing. Using the program Structure as a case study, this paper investigates ways in which to counteract the challenges created by the growing datasets. This paper proposes an OpenMP-MPI hybrid parallelization of the MCMC(More)
Density functional theory, in particular, with the Becke-3-parameter-Lee-Yang-Parr (B3LYP) hybrid functional, has been shown to be a promising method for the calculation of indirect nuclear spin-spin coupling constants. However, no systematic investigation has so far been undertaken to evaluate the capability of B3LYP to calculate these coupling constants(More)
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