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This paper presents an overview of feature extraction methods for off-line recognition of segmented (isolated) characters. Selection of a feature extraction method is probably the single most important factor in achieving high recognition performance in character recognition systems. Different feature extraction methods are designed for different(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of eleven locally adaptive binarization methods for gray scale images with low contrast, variable background intensity and noise. Niblack’s method with the addition of the postprocessing step of Yanowitz and Bruckstein’s method added performed the best and was also one of the fastest binarization methods.
To study the feasibility of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) for assessment of tumour microvasculature in endometrial carcinoma patients, and to explore correlations with histological subtype, clinical course and microstructural characteristics based on apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values. Diffusion-weighted imaging(More)
Multipass dynamic MRI and pharmacokinetic modeling are used to estimate perfusion parameters of leaky capillaries. Curve fitting and nonblind deconvolution are the established methods to derive the perfusion estimates from the observed arterial input function (AIF) and tissue tracer concentration function. These nonblind methods are sensitive to errors in(More)
Abstruct-We propose a new method for statistical classification of multisource data. The method is suited for land-use classification based on the fusion of remotely sensed images of the same scene captured at different dates from multiple sources. It incorporates u priori information about the likelihood of changes between the acquisition of the different(More)
The goal of this prospective study was to evaluate multispectral analysis techniques for automatic recognition of uterine cancer in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. The first part of this study was an open training phase in which the statistical parameters of the various normal and pathological tissue types were estimated. This was followed by a test phase(More)