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This paper presents an overview of feature extraction methods for off-line recognition of segmented (isolated) characters. Selection of a feature extraction method is probably the single most important factor in achieving high recognition performance in character recognition systems. Different feature extraction methods are designed for different(More)
Multipass dynamic MRI and pharmacokinetic modeling are used to estimate perfusion parameters of leaky capillaries. Curve fitting and nonblind deconvolution are the established methods to derive the perfusion estimates from the observed arterial input function (AIF) and tissue tracer concentration function. These nonblind methods are sensitive to errors in(More)
The authors demonstrate an improved differentiation of the most common tissue types in the human brain and surrounding structures by quantitative validation using multispectral analysis of magnetic resonance images. This is made possible by a combination of a special training technique and an increase in the number of magnetic resonance channel images with(More)
In first pass magnetic resonance brain perfusion imaging, arterial input functions are used in the deconvolution of the observed contrast concentrations to obtain quantitative hemodynamic parameters. Ideally, arterial input functions should be measured in each imaged voxel to eliminate the effects of delay and dispersion of the contrast agent from the(More)