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V-Dem Codebook V8
All variables that V-Dem is compiling are included in the Codebook.
Mining and Local Corruption in Africa
We investigate whether mining affects local-level corruption in Africa. Several cross-country analyses report that natural resource production and wealth have adverse effects on political
V-Dem Codebook V10
This Codebook includes all the variables that V-Dem is compiling in 2019 dataset.
Updated data on institutions and elections 1960–2012: presenting the IAEP dataset version 2.0
An updated version of the Institutions and Elections Project (IAEP) dataset is presented, highlighting how the IAEP’s focus on disaggregated de jure institutions complements existing datasets that combine de facto and de facto elements.
Autocratic Elections: Stabilizing Tool or Force for Change?
Do elections reduce or increase the risk of autocratic regime breakdown? This article addresses this contested question by distinguishing between election events and the institution of elections. The
V-Dem Dataset V10
The V-Dem Dataset V10 covers 202 countries, with a year coverage: 1789-2019. 470+ V-Dem indicators, 82 indices and 5 high-level indices.
Peace from the past
Research on the relationship between political institutions and civil war has paid insufficient attention to the role of traditional institutions in developing countries. This study presents large-N
Educating Demonstrators: Education and Mass Protest in Africa
Does a more educated population spur regime-challenging mass protest? It is commonly argued that educated individuals are more likely to collectively challenge governments through protests and that
Which groups fight? Customary institutions and communal conflicts in Africa
Why are some ethnic groups embroiled in communal conflicts while others are comparably peaceful? We explore the group-specific correlates of communal conflicts in Africa by utilizing a novel dataset