Tore Guneriussen

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This letter describes the concept of using delta-K technique on interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data for deriving the snow water equivalent (SWE) of dry snow-covered ground by utilizing the presence of scatterers in both datasets. The main scattering contribution from a dry snow cover is from the snow–ground interface. Thus, the(More)
Results from analysis of data obtained in the Snow and Ice experiment within the European Multi-sensor Airborne Campaign (EMAC’95) are presented in this paper. The study area is located in Norway, 66 N, 14 E. Fully polarimetric Cand L-band SAR data from EMISAR, an airborne instrument operated by the Danish Centre for Remote Sensing (DCR), combined with ERS(More)
In case of dry snow, only small changes (cm) in snow depth between two images pairs significantly increases the error in DEM generation due to the disturbance of the phase property, although no effects are observed on the coherence. Thus, the degree of coherence is not a sufficient parameter for estimating the expected error in DEM generation for snow(More)
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