Tore Grünert

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Postal and express shipment companies face the task to provide service between a number of xed locations. The increasing competition and service orientation of this market sets new standards for planning. One must meet the required service level without letting costs get out of control. This paper identi es important planning tasks which have to be(More)
In many practical cases one has to choose an arrangement of di!erent objects so that they are compatible. Whenever the compatibility of the objects can be checked by a pair-wise comparison the problem can be modelled using the graph}theoretic notion of cliques. We consider a special case of the problem where the objects can be grouped so that exactly one(More)
This paper investigates two different local search approaches for the TSP. Both approaches are based on the general concept of single-alternating cycle neighborhoods. The first approach, stems from the famous heuristic suggested by Lin and Kernighan and the second is based on the notion of stemand-cycles developed by Glover in the early nineties. We show(More)
Many transportation providers such as package delivery companies and postal service organizations face the problem of designing a transportation network in order to service their customers. This network must balance the requirement of on-time delivery under tight time window constraints with the goal of low-cost operations of the fleet. Until recently this(More)
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