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Today there is an increasing demand for biomass for use in energy production. In this study we investigated stumps and roots from six poplar (Populus sp.) stands growing on former farmland in Sweden, situated between latitudes 55 and 60°N. The mean age of the poplar was 20 years (range 16–23), the mean stand density 1151 stems ha −1 (range 361–3279), and(More)
We construct dry weight equations for hybrid aspen growing on former farmland in Sweden. Dry weight equations for fractions of hybrid aspen trees were also made. We estimated biomass production in 24 stands. The stands were located in Sweden at latitudes ranging from 55 to 60° N. The mean age was 18 years (range 15–23), the mean stand density 1090(More)
Two event studies are presented in this paper where intense convergent electric fields, with mapped intensities up to 1350 mV/m, are measured in the auroral upward current region by the Cluster spacecraft, at altitudes between 3 and 5 Earth radii. Both events are from May 2003, Southern Hemisphere, with equatorward crossings by the Cluster spacecraft of the(More)
1 Abstract A detector setup for the cooler storage ring CELSIUS is described. The setup detects particles produced in interactions between the internal beam and a gas jet target. Particles emitted in the forward direction are measured by means of arrays of plastic scintillators and proportional counters. Particles, particularly photons, emitted more(More)
A system for detection of trace amounts of protein was developed. Two different monoclonal antibodies against human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) were covalently bound to latex particles. When the latex particles were mixed with a sample containing hCG, a latex-protein-latex complex (immunocomplex) was formed. The complex was separated from the single latex(More)
Site index (SI) curves for H 20 (dominant height at 20 years total age) were constructed for hybrid larch (Larix × eurolepis Henry) growing in 26 stands on former farmland in southern and central Sweden (Latitude 56–60° N.). The mean total age of the stands was 23 ± 10 (range 17–49) years; the mean diameter at breast height (ob) was 16 (7–34) cm; the mean(More)
Intense high-latitude electric fields (>150 mV/m mapped to ionospheric altitude) at 4–7 R E geocentric distance have been investigated in a statistical study, using data from the Cluster satellites. The orbit of the Cluster satellites limits the data collection at these altitudes to high latitudes, including the poleward part of the auroral oval. The(More)
Exclusive measurements of the production of-mesons in the pp ! ppp reaction have been carried out at excess energies of 16 and 37 MeV above threshold. The deviations from phase space are dominated by the proton-proton nal state interaction and this innuences particularly the energy distribution of the meson. However, evidence is also presented at the higher(More)