Torbjörn Reitberger

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This work demonstrates how formation of strongly chemiluminescent 3-hydroxyphthalic hydrazide by hydroxylation of non-chemiluminescent phthalic hydrazide can be applied as a selective reaction probe to obtain information on authentic hydroxyl radical, i.e., OHaq, formation, in black light illuminated Degussa P25 TiO2 aerated suspensions in the pH range from(More)
The mechanical properties of magnetorheological (MR) materials can be changed continuously, rapidly and reversibly by an applied magnetic field. Solid MR materials consist of magnetically polarisable particles, generally iron, in an elastomer matrix. The required iron concentration is high, about 30% by volume. Problems and solutions will be discussed(More)
The necessity to improve common electronic production technology and therefore meeting the trend to higher frequencies leads in the meantime to disproportional efforts. A promising disruptive technology to overcome these rising challenges are 3D printing processes. Despite the enormous availability of printable materials like varnishes or silicones, many of(More)
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