Torbjörn Granlund

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This paper considers the problem of dividing a two-word integer by a single-word integer, together with a few extensions and applications. Due to lack of efficient division instructions in current processors, the division is performed as a multiplication using a precomputed single-word approximation of the reciprocal of the divisor, followed by a couple of(More)
In 1987, Henry Massalin, of Columbia University, described a superoptimizer that generates optimal instruction sequences given a function to be performed [1]. The sequences are found by doing an exhaustive search over a subset of the instructions of the machine for which the optimization is made. Little or no mention of this important technique has occurred(More)
A superoptimizer is a tool capable of generating an optimal program that computes a desired function. This thesis describes a superoptimizer that uses binary decision diagrams to determine if a generated candidate programs is equivalent to a given target program known to compute the desired function. The superoptimizer is shown to work well for generating(More)
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