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Fifty-one patients with dislocated lateral malleolar fractures took part in this prospective randomized study. Active ankle movements with weight bearing in an orthosis were compared with active ankle movements without weight bearing using a dorsal splint. By using cerclage, staples, and pins (Cedell 1967), an exact reconstruction of the ankle mortise was(More)
In 7 adult volunteers, a roentgen stereophotogrammetric technique was used to analyze the tibiofibular relationship during active unloaded movements of the ankle. The greatest movements were observed during plantar to dorsiflexion with an average widening of the ankle mortise of 1.0 mm and an average dorsal translation of the fibula of 0.9 mm. No(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We hypothesized that an ultra-short stem would load the proximal femur in a more physiological way and could therefore reduce the adaptive periprosthetic bone loss known as stress shielding. PATIENTS AND METHODS 51 patients with primary hip osteoarthritis were randomized to total hip arthroplasty (THA) with either an ultra-short(More)
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