Torben O. Andersen

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In the Myb family, as in other families of transcription factors sharing similar DNA-binding domains (DBDs), diversity of function is believed to rely mainly on the less conserved parts of the proteins and on their distinct patterns of expression. However, small conserved differences between DBDs of individual members could play a role in fine-tuning their(More)
A method of workspace modelling for spherical parallel manipulators (SPMs) of symmetrical architecture is developed by virtue of Euler parameters in the paper. The adoption of Euler parameters in the expression of spatial rotations of SPMs helps not only to eliminate the possible singularity in the rotation matrix, but also to formulate all equations in(More)
Digital Displacement Fluid Power is an upcoming technology setting new standards for the achievable efficiency of fluid power pumps and motors. The core element of the Digital Displacement technology is high performance electronically controlled seat valves, which must exhibit very low flow pressure loss and switching times within a few milliseconds to(More)
In this paper different linear and non-linear controllers applied to a hydraulically driven servo robot are evaluated and validated. The task is to make the actuators of the manipulator track a position reference with minimum error. Hydraulic systems are intrinsically non-linear and using linear control techniques typically results in conservatively(More)
Sliding modes impose strong robustness toward parametric plant uncertainties and disturbances and accurate tracking performance in control systems. However, in physical systems the application of sliding modes may give rise to undesirable chattering of the control signal due to actuator dynamics. This may be avoided by application of smoothing functions(More)
Digital Displacement Fluid Power Pumps/Motors are promising candidates for revolutionizing the efficiency of fluid power systems, which traditionally has suffered from poor efficiencies, especially at part load. The key to obtain efficient part load operation with digital displacement technology lies in the development of very fast switching seat valves(More)