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Simulation object libraries for a standardized management and modeling of simulation projects have been established in recent years. This paper discusses the integration of emulation functionality into an established simulation object library for the commissioning of control systems. This article proposes a three-tiered approach. First, an analysis of the(More)
In addition to their well-known antibacterial activity some antimicrobial peptides and proteins (AMPs) display also antiviral effects. A 27 aa peptide from the N-terminal part of human bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI) previously shown to harbour antibacterial activity inhibits the infectivity of multiple Influenza A virus strains (H1N1,(More)
Background The variability of HIV and the appearance of escape mutants are a major obstacle for HIV/AIDS vaccine development. In previous phase I/II studies recombinant MVANef and MVA-BN®-Polytope expressing conserved epitopes from multiple proteins of HIV-1 induced good and broad cellular immune responses and indicated an inhibitory effect on viral(More)
Emulation is a well-established technology which supports the software development and the commissioning phase of control systems by connecting the real control system with a simulated material flow system. This article suggests the use of protocol state machines to firstly formally describe the interface communication and secondly analyze emulation(More)
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