Torben Karrock

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We present a handheld biosensor system for the label-free and specific multiplexed detection of several biomarkers employing a spectrometer-free imaging measurement system. A photonic crystal surface functionalized with multiple specific ligands forms the optical transducer. The photonic crystal slab is fabricated on a glass substrate by replicating a(More)
Photonic crystal slabs (PCS) are one of the major transducers for label-free, optical biosensing applications. In this paper we present oblique-angle layer deposition of the high index slab material as a method to improve the PCS sensitivity. In simulations and experiments we consider PCSs composed of a high index silicon monoxide layer on a nanostructured(More)
We propose and demonstrate a visual, all-optical pressure-measuring device composed of a flexible membrane dilating toward a photonic crystal slab. Due to its transparency and capability to be miniaturized, it may be integrated on the inner side of an artificial lens and directly measure the eye's intraocular pressure. Using crossed polarization filters for(More)
Flexible photonic crystal slabs with an area of 2 cm2 are fabricated by nanoimprint replication of a 400 nm period linear grating nanostructure into a ≈60 µm thick polydimethylsiloxane membrane and subsequent spin coating of a high refractive index titanium dioxide nanoparticle layer. Samples are prepared with different nanoparticle concentrations.(More)
We demonstrate a pressure sensor based on deformation of a periodically nanostructured Bragg grating waveguide on a flexible 50 µm polydimethylsiloxane membrane and remote optical read out. A pressure change causes deformation of this 2 mm diameter photonic crystal membrane sealing a reference volume. The resulting shift of the guided mode resonances is(More)
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