Torben Jess

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Extract transform and load (ETL) is a critical process used by industrial organisations to shift data from one database to another, such as from an operational system to a data warehouse. With the increasing amount of data stored by industrial organisations, some ETL processes can take in excess of 12 hours to complete; this can leave decision makers(More)
Increasing data security and privacy requirements combined with the need for additional data management research leads to a conflict for industrial companies. In order to solve their industrial data management problems companies need to share some of their data, but their internal confidentiality rules sometimes hamper this sharing process. Existing(More)
Getting the right data to the right decision-maker is a significant problem for many industrial companies. One of the main reasons is an overload of data. With the increasing amounts of industrial data this problem is becoming a bigger problem in the future. In order to address this challenge we propose the use of an Industrial Data Recommender System(More)
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