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Chris Zorn for helpful discussions and comments, James LeSage for making available his MATLAB spatial econometrics library and answering our questions, and Michael Ward for impressing us on the importance of space. Abstract While spatial econometrics is being used more frequently in political science, most applications are still based on geographic notions(More)
To understand how the welfare state adjusts to economic shocks it is important to explain both the genesis of popular preferences and the institutional incentives of governments to respond to these preferences. This paper attempts to do both, using a general theoretical framework and detailed data at both the individual and national levels. In a first step,(More)
Nahomi Ichino and Noah L. Nathan British Journal of Political Science / Volume 42 / Issue 04 / October 2012, pp 769 ­ 791 DOI: 10.1017/S0007123412000014, Published online: 06 March 2012 Link to this article: http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0007123412000014 How to cite this article: Nahomi Ichino and Noah L. Nathan (2012). Primaries on Demand?(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Bacterial overgrowth and intestinal pseudo-obstruction may succeed abdominal radiotherapy, and absence of intestinal migrating motor complex (MMC) has been reported in bacterial overgrowth. The aims of this study were to address the relationship between intestinal patterns of motility and gastrointestinal microflora and to elucidate the(More)
* I wish to thank several sources of funding during the development of these ideas from the summer of 1993 to the present: the National Science Foundation, for a graduate student fellowship (1991-4) and for funding through the research training group in positive political economy (1994-5); the Center for European Studies, Harvard, the(More)