Torben Andersen

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Sex differences in pain sensitivity have been found to vary between considerable and negligible. It has appeared that the pain stimulation method is critical in this context. It was assumed this might be due to the different degrees of spatial summation associated with the different pain stimulus modalities. Hence, sex differences were investigated in(More)
Clozapine augmentation with antipsychotic drugs is widely used despite sparse evidence supporting this strategy. Sertindole is a nonsedating atypical antipsychotic drug with low affinity for cholinergic receptors, which makes it potentially suitable for augmentation of clozapine. The study design was a 12-week, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled(More)
OBJECTIVE Treatment of schizophrenia is frequently complicated by patients' ambivalence and lack of insight into the disease, occasionally warranting involuntary treatment. This study aims to describe involuntary treatment in Danish schizophrenia patients. METHOD Patients diagnosed with a lifetime ICD-10 F20 schizophrenia diagnosis and alive in the period(More)
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