Toramatsu Shintani

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Scheduling meetings is generally difficult in that it attempts to satisfy the preferences of all participants. However, all participants can agree to a schedule in which a portion of their preferences are not satisfied, since preferences are regarded in terms of their relative importance. In this paper, we formalize a meeting scheduling as a Distributed(More)
In this paper, we propose a persuasion mechanism for negotiation among agents for a group decision support system and implement a group choice design support system (GCDSS). GCDSS helps a group decision to make a reasonable choice from alternatives. In the system, each user manages a system for an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and an agent. Each user(More)
We have developed Papits, a research support system, that shares research information, such as PDF files of research papers, in computers on networks and classifies the information into research types. Papits users can share various research information and survey the corpora of their particular fields. To develop Papits, we need to design a mechanism to(More)
Volume discount is seen as an effective form of electronic commerce and a promising field for applying agent technologies. In current volume discount mechanisms, items are not allocated efficiently to buyers. Namely, social surplus is not maximum in existing volume discount schemes. To solve this problem, we propose a volume discount mechanism based on the(More)
Online auctions are becoming an increasingly important channel for electronic commerce. There exist more than 150 online auction sites on the Internet. It is difficult for users to attend, monitor, and bid at multiple auction sites simultaneously. In this paper, we propose BiddingBot which is a multi agent system that supports users in attending,(More)
Existing commercial Web browsers provide various utilities and functions, e.g., Web bookmarks and a browsing history list. Since the bookmark and history functions only the title and URL of the Web page, users who cannot remember the contents of each Web page have difficulty retracing their steps. In this paper, we propose a bookmark system based on a 3D(More)
We are developing the Papits, a research activity support system for a laboratory at a university. Papits helps to find both information and/or person by a keyword and a know-who search mechanism. Information sources in Papits are distributed because they are members' computers. To find good information and people from such environment, we conceptualize(More)