Tor Steinar Schei

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This paper reports on experiences from case studies in using Modelica/Dymola models interfaced to control and optimization software, as process models in real time process control applications. Possible applications of the integrated models are in stateand parameter estimation and nonlinear model predictive control. It was found that this approach is(More)
A method for automatic tuning of PID controllers in closed loop based on the estimation of a parametric "black-box" transfer function model is proposed. The system is excited by generating limit cycle oscillations at two different frequencies which are approximately the cross-over frequency and the critical frequency for the feedbck loop. A discrete(More)
During the production of Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA), moist clay is fed into a rotary drier where pellets are formed and dried by a counter current of hot gas. The drying process is controlled using an estimated feed temperature at the end of the drier. The temperature is estimated using the measurement signal from a thermocouple installed at the(More)
A literature survey from the area of nonlinear model predictive control (MPC) is presented. After a brief review of the main characteristics of linear MPC algorithms various classes of nonlinear MPC algorithms based on state-space models, such as nonlinear extensions of dynamic matrix control (DMC), Newton-type algorithms and nonlinear programming (NLP)(More)
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