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This paper proposes to improve access to laboratory experiments in engineering education by making remote experimentation accessible through the use of the Internet. It is proposed to form a network of providers of remotely operable laboratory experiments, and to delegate many of the technical, managerial and financial tasks involved in operating such a(More)
This paper presents results from the IST KAII Trial project ReLAX – Remote LAboratory eXperimentation trial (IST 1999-20827), and contributes with a framework for a global remote laboratory experimentation network supported by a new business model. The paper presents this new Experiment Service Provider business model that aims at bringing physical(More)
Educational games may create a new and improved learning culture by drawing advantage of the new knowledge and skills of today's students obtained from extensive use of interactive game software. This paper presents a design basis and online learning resources taking advantage of game-related features like a high degree of interactivity, attractive(More)
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