Tor Arvid Breland

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Modeling the C and N dynamics during decomposition of plant residues depends on robust estimation of the litter pool partitioning (LPP) of residues, i.e. the fraction of their C and N allocated to rapidly and slowly decomposing pools. We searched for ways to estimate LPP by analyzing data on C and N mineralization during decomposition of 60 widely different(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS White clover (Trifolium repens) is, due to nitrogen (N) fixation, important to the N dynamics of several northern temperate agroecosystems. This study aimed at monitoring growth and death of major white clover plant organs to assess their potential contribution to within-season N input and risk of off-season N losses. METHODS White(More)
We applied a mechanistic ecosystem model to investigate the production and environmental performances of (1) current agricultural practice on two fields of a stockless organic cereal farm in southeast Norway and (2) alternative cereal-ley rotations and plowing time scenarios. Scenarios were simulated using historic weather data and a climate change(More)
Engineering an ontology on organic agriculture and agroecology: the case of the Organic.Edunet project Abstract Education is essential to raise public awareness on organic agriculture and agroecology (OA & AE). The EU funded project Organic.Edunet will provide an online, freely-available portal where learning contents on OA & AE can be published and(More)
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