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A total of 299 fish belonging to ten teleost species were studied in Iranian waters at the north-eastern coast of the Persian Gulf for larval trypanorhynch cestode infection. The following trypanorhynch species were identified: Callitetrarhynchus gracilis Pintner, 1931, Pseudogilquinia thomasi (Palm, 2000), Pterobothrium lesteri Campbell and Beveridge, 1996(More)
The microthrix pattern of larvae of Pseudogilquinia thomasi (Palm, 2000) is described for the first time using scanning electron microscopy. The surface ultrastructure of this species consists of three main forms of microtriches: papilliform filitriches, acicular filitriches and quadridigitate to octadigitate palmate spinitriches. The bothria are covered(More)
In this paper the level of selenium and mercury is analyzed in edible part and liver of Psettodes erumei and Otolithes ruber two commercial fish in Persian Gulf. The average concentration of Hg and Se in edible parts of P. erumei was 0.077 ± 0.062 and 0.044 ± 0.018 (μg g(-1)ww), and in liver was 0.127 ± 0.122 and 0.132 ± 0.610 (μg g(-1)ww) respectively. In(More)
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