Tooraj Nikoubin

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Differential Cascode Voltage Switch (DCVS) is a well-known logic style, which constructs robust and reliable circuits. Two main strategies are studied in this paper to form static DCVS-based standard ternary fundamental logic components in digital electronics. While one of the strategies leads to fewer transistors, the other one has higher noise margin. New(More)
— Transistor sizing is very important for determination of the circuit performance. As a result for providing fair evaluation, an optimal size of transistor is necessary. Genetic algorithm that is capable of reduction of search problem complexity uses the transistor sizing which is originally a kind of search problem in the large multidimensional search(More)
Any system which is associated with human assistance needs to be portable, user-friendly and simple in structure. In a navigation system specially built to provide a walking assistance for visually impaired people, it is needed to map the surrounding in terms of a number of obstacles in the path of the person. In this paper, we are going to present a system(More)
Owning to rapid growth in standard-cell-based synthesized designs; the efficiency of standard cells has increasingly become important. In this line, the Cell Design Methodology (CDM) has systematically meditated to present some new efficient designs such as three 2-input XORs and full adder in hybrid CMOS logic style which are the most significant and(More)
This paper presents two novel Vedic-multiplier architectures which follow the technique of concatenation and rearrangement of partial products. These architectures exhibit their excellence in speed, area, and power. Thus resulting in energy-efficient operation and improved Energy-Area product. The first design is Ripple carry adder based partial product(More)
High-performance low power arithmetic circuit with least area, is essential for advanced processes. This paper proposes a new view of logic design with the name of Complement Based Logic Design (CBLD) has been presented for modeling and optimization of some arithmetic building blocks which have used a kind of conditional operation in their input stage,(More)