Tonya L. Boyd

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The worldwide application of geothermal energy for direct utilization is reviewed. This paper attempts to update the previous survey carried out in 2000, presented at the World Geothermal Congress 2000 (WGC2000) in Japan and subsequently updated (Lund and Freeston, 2001). This update also compares data from 1995 presented at the World Geothermal Congress(More)
A preference-drinking situation was used to test the effects of conditioned inhibition training upon relative alcohol preference. Using a backward, conditioned inhibition paradigm, water-deprived rats received daily shock presentations, followed immediately by alcohol exposure in a different neutral chamber. This post-shock exposure to alcohol drinking cues(More)
Measurements of the spectral density of frequency fluctuations are reported for an actively stabilized cw Ti:sapphire laser. For a servo loop incorporating an intracavity translatable mirror and an external-cavity acousto-optic modulator, a linewidth of 1.0 kHz rms is obtained for the fluctuations of the laser frequency as recorded within the servo loop.(More)
Two experiments using rat subjects are reported which attempt to delineate the theoretical mechanisms involved in exposure/extinction procedures that are used to eliminate conditioned fear. In Experiment 1, a within-subjects design was employed to study the temporal course of the extinction process by examining the relationship among three separate measures(More)
Cw room-temperature upconversion laser operation is reported in Pr:YLF at 640 and 607 nm. An intracavitypumping scheme that uses a Yb:YAG laser operating at 1030 nm to pump the weak (3)H(4) ? (1)G(4) ground-state transition of Pr:YLF is used to populate the intermediate metastable level. An excited-state absorption at 867 nm is then used to populate the(More)
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