Tonya A Carver

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To better understand the genetic basis of essential hypertension, we conducted a quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of a population of 207 (BALB/cJ x CBA/CaJ) F(2) male mice to identify genomic regions that regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and heart weight. We identified two loci, Bpq6 (blood pressure quantitative locus 6) on chromosome 15 (Chr 15;(More)
Modified proteins were detected in liver and bone marrow of mice following treatment with [(14)C]benzene. Stained sections were excised from one-dimensional and two-dimensional gels and converted to graphite to enable (14)C/(13)C ratios to be measured by accelerator mass spectrometry. Protein adducts of benzene or its metabolites were indicated by elevated(More)
An antepartum diagnosis of vasa previa was considered in a patient in whom ultrasound revealed pulsatile loops of cord overlying the cervical os. This diagnosis was confirmed at the time of cesarean delivery. We offer a literature review of vasa previa and make recommendations for using ultrasonography to diagnose vasa previa.
Quantitation of carcinogen-DNA adducts provides an estimate of the biologically effective dose of a chemical carcinogen reaching the target tissue. In order to improve exposure-assessment and cancer risk estimates, we are developing an ultrasensitive procedure for the detection of carcinogen-DNA adducts. The method is based upon postlabeling of(More)
The relationship between obesity and cholesterol cholelithiasis is not well understood at physiologic or genetic levels. To clarify whether obesity per se leads to increased prevalence of cholelithiasis, we examined cholesterol gallstone susceptibility in three polygenic (KK/H1J, NON/LtJ, NOD/LtJ) and five monogenic [carboxypeptidase E (Cpe (fat)), agouti(More)
The relative toxicity (log IGC50(-1)) of 49 selected aliphatic amines and aminoalkanols was evaluated in the static Tetrahymena pyriformis population growth impairment assay. Excess toxicity, indicated by potency greater than predicted for non-polar narcotic alkanols, was associated with both classes of test chemicals. Moreover, the aminoalkanols were found(More)
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