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Wi-Fi localization system based on RSSI is the best candidate for indoor device-tracking in comparison with other systems based on GPS, RFID, infrared and image processing. This paper presents Wi-Fi localization system based on a Wi-Fi routers' network for tracking the device position indoors such as buildings, university campus, skyscrapers and other(More)
First year, tertiary courses have many teaching related challenges. Lecturers need to engage students with mixed educational backgrounds, abilities and study habits. Moreover, some students studying first year subjects may already know some of the material, but not all, and as a consequent find traditional teaching material uninteresting and boring. These(More)
Traditional laboratories are being complemented by virtual and remote laboratories. Students attend traditional laboratories in class and after hours perform experiments remotely, often from their home. There have been several remote laboratories that have been developed for a range of disciplines. This paper propose a remote laboratory for teaching FPGA(More)
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