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*I am more than usually indebted to others for useful discussions. This paper sprang from numerous lunchtime arguments with Bryan Caplan and Robin Hanson. Many others have given useful comments or insights, including Woodlief, an anonymous referee, participants at a Columbia University Legal Theory seminar, and various other participants at GMU Public(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, there are multiple commercially available RNA-based biomarkers that are Medicare approved and suggested for use by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. There is uncertainty as to which patients benefit from genomic testing and for whom these tests should be ordered. Here, we examined the correlation patterns of(More)
The ideas presented in this research are the authors' and do not represent official positions of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Introduction Over the past 150 years, the advent and rise of formal management education in top graduate schools has changed radically where and how global business seeks and acquires talent. Whereas business was(More)
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