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Automated service quality has been recognised as the factor which determines the success or failure of electronic commerce. Those models current ly available to measure automated service quality are limited in their focus, encompassing only one electronic channel – the internet – thereby ignoring attributes of the other automated service channels. In(More)
This paper deals with the problem of identifying the best EU practices regarding higher education policies in the field of engineering. The results are obtained by means of a work package in a Lifelong Learning Program. SALEIE – “Strategic Alignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions” program started in(More)
The paper will present the design of an experimental Virtual Centre for Enterprise VCE in the framework of the ELLEIEC Thematic Network [1]. The objective is to focus on the current state of the activities related to the study and design of the VCE and to present preliminary experimental results. The Virtual Centre will provide learners with the opportunity(More)
SALEIE - “Strategic Alignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions” is a LLP program started in October 2012 and is on-going. The objective of the WP5 - POLICY SALEIE work package is to bring together policy administrators from institutions across Europe in order to review current practices and to(More)
Widening participation in higher education is a major component of governmental level education policy within Europe. It consists of an attempt to increase not only the numbers of young people entering higher education, but also the proportion from so-called “under-represented groups” (those from lower income families and some ethnic(More)
The paper is dealing with present Lifelong Learning in Europe through the current state of ELLEIEC European project (Enhancing Lifelong Learning for the Electrical and Information Engineering Community) [1]. ELLEIEC project is the follow-up of EIE-Surveyor TN which aims at acting both as an observatory and a proposition force for the evolution in the(More)
Widening participation in higher education has become a major concern for many higher education institutions in order to redress the imbalance that has be created where specific groups in society have over time become underrepresented within higher education. To redress this imbalance, higher education institutions need to set-up and maintain supports to(More)
The Royal Academy of Engineering, which is Britain's national academy for engineering, identifies and stresses the importance of personal and professional commitments and obligations of professional engineers to enhance the wellbeing of the society. These can be attained by adopting the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity which are now(More)
Within the SALEIE project LLP Programme 527877-LLP-1-2012-“Strategic Alignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions”, work package 4 is concerned with Widening Participation & Student Support. As an integral part of this work package, consideration is to be given to how students with(More)