Tony Ward

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This paper represents a first attempt to provide an integrated framework to explain the onset, development, and maintenance of sexual offending. According to the Integrated Theory of Sexual Offending (ITSO), sexual abuse occurs as a consequence of a number of interacting causal variables. We examine the factors that affect brain development (evolution,(More)
This work develops and tests the semantic-motivation hypothesis of sexual offenders' implicit cognitions. This hypothesis posits that sexual offenders' cognitive distortions emerge at the interface between implicit motivation and cognition. The semantic-motivation hypothesis is used to guide the development of 3 implicit association tests (IATs). These IATs(More)
Clinicians and researchers have noted that maladaptive beliefs and distorted thinking play an important role in facilitating or justifying sexual offenses. There have been a number of attempts to describe the nature of these beliefs and to develop ways of measuring them, but in the absence of any integrating theory. We suggest that an understanding of the(More)
  • Mohammed Al-Hawari, Nicole Hartley, Tony Ward
  • 2005
Automated service quality has been recognised as the factor which determines the suc cess or failure of electronic commerce. Those models current ly available to measure automated service quality are limited in their focus, encompassing only one electronic channel – the internet – thereby ignoring attributes of the other automated service channels. In(More)
This article investigates some of the primary assumptions and values that underpin correctional practice in the area of offender rehabilitation. It is suggested that values are reflected in offenders' and clinicians' fundamental beliefs about the rehabilitative process and as such underlie their various actions. This article identifies three areas in which(More)
The present study examined the perceptions of early interpersonal experiences of sexual offenders (child molesters and rapists) and two criminal comparison groups. A grounded theory approach was applied to a comprehensive list of responses provided by the participants to questions about their early interpersonal experiences. The raw data was collapsed into(More)
It has recently been suggested that the cognitions of unrestrained eaters and those of individuals with eating disorders are at opposing ends of a continuum, with restrained eaters occupying an intermediate position. The present study explored the everyday cognitions of 10 restrained and 10 unrestrained eaters under fasting and nonfasting conditions using a(More)
Whether treatment programs are effective at rehabilitating rapists is yet to be determined empirically. From a scientist-practitioner perspective, treatment should be based on an empirical understanding of rape and rapists, and evidence-based knowledge of treatment outcome with rapists. In this paper we comprehensively review the characteristics of rapists,(More)
AIM To assess the role of 99mTc-hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime single-photon emission computed tomography (99mTc-HMPAO SPECT) imaging of the precuneus and medial temporal lobe in the individual patient with mild Alzheimer's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) using statistical parametric mapping and visual image interpretation. METHODS Thirty-four(More)
Although considerable efforts have been made to develop and validate etiological models of male sexual offending, no theory is available to guide research or practice with female sexual offenders (FSOs). In this study, the authors developed a descriptive, offense process model of female sexual offending. Systematic qualitative analyses (i.e., grounded(More)