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Modelling human interaction and decision-making within a simulation presents a particular challenge. This paper describes a methodology that is being developed known as 'knowledge based improvement'. The purpose of this methodology is to elicit decision-making strategies via a simulation model and to represent them using artificial intelligence techniques.(More)
The work reported in this paper is part of a project simulating maintenance operations in an automotive engine production facility. The decisions made by the people in charge of these operations form a crucial element of this simulation. Eliciting this knowledge is problematic. One approach is to use the simulation model as part of the knowledge elicitation(More)
This paper explains the latest project work being undertaken at the Ford Motor Company in the generation of simulation models from spreadsheet interfaces and in particular the latest advances in the automatic creation of virtual reality worlds based on these model layouts. The ease of creation is the key to the use of the third dimension but being able to(More)
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