Tony W Van Havenbergh

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Intrathecal administration of opioids is a very efficient tool in the long-term control of intractable nonmalignant pain. However, despite the well known role of opioids in endocrine regulation, few data are available about possible effects on hypothalamic-pituitary function during this treatment. Seventy-three patients (29 men and 44 women; mean age, 49.2(More)
OBJECTIVE Intraventricular hemorrhage is associated with a very poor outcome. Simple external ventricular drainage alone has not resulted in a decline of mortality. The aim was to study the effect of direct intraventricular administration of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA). PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective series of eighteen adult(More)
Prognostic factors for the outcome of patients with a chronic subdural haematoma were analysed in a consecutive study of 260 patients, regardless of the method of neurosurgical treatment. CT findings such as haematoma volume, midline shift and residual subdural collections had no influence on the outcome. The only statistically significant factor of(More)
We present a retrospective analysis of a consecutive series of 50 patients, over 60 years of age, with spontaneous cerebellar hematomas. Treatment was chosen on an individual basis : conservative treatment in 8 "benign" cases, craniotomy and/or ventricular drainage in the majority of cases (37), depending on the clinical presentation and the degree of(More)
BACKGROUND Lymphocytic adenohypophysitis is a well-known autoimmune disorder affecting the anterior pituitary gland. Posterior pituitary gland function can be impaired by a similar autoimmune disorder called lymphocytic infundibulohypophysitis. Only very few cases have been reported. CLINICAL PRESENTATION We present a patient with central diabetes(More)
Thrombotic disease of the vertebrobasilar circulation is associated with a poor prognosis. It may occur in trauma patients, especially those with neck injuries and even several months after the initial insult. We report on the case of a young polytrauma patient, victim of a traffic accident, with associated cervical and thoracic spinal injuries resulting in(More)
We report the development of acute Schmorl nodes at the L3-L4 intervertebral disc level after discography in a 36-year-old man. Although a few cases of acute Schmorl nodes have been reported in the literature, they have not been described because of discography. We surmise that the herniation of disc material through the vertebral endplates, with the(More)
OBJECTIVE Spinal cord stimulation is a commonly used, safe, and effective procedure applied for medically intractable failed back surgery syndrome, as well as other neuropathic pain syndromes. Recently, a novel stimulation paradigm called burst stimulation has been developed that is paresthesia-free and has a more pronounced suppressive effect on(More)
INTRODUCTION Spinal cord stimulation is a safe and effective procedure applied for medically intractable neuropathic pain and failed back surgery syndrome. Recently, a novel stimulation paradigm was developed, called burst stimulation consisting of intermittent packets of closely spaced high-frequency stimuli. The design consists of 40 Hz burst mode with 5(More)