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The sensitivity of the pendulum test to variation in spasticity in persons with spastic cerebral palsy (CP) was tested in 30 participants with CP and 10 participants without CP (controls) (mean age 13.8 years). The participants with CP were classified into three groups, with normal (mean age 15.9 years), mild/moderate (13.0 years), or severe (23.0 years)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the factors affecting prognosis in alpha coma (AC). METHODS Retrospective review of 36 study patients, 36 control coma patients matched for age and etiology, and meta-analysis of 335 cases in the world literature. RESULTS Principal causes were cardiorespiratory arrest (CRA) (21 patients); infection, metabolic dysfunction, head(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prognostic significance of spindle coma (SC) according to etiology and EEG reactivity. METHODS We reviewed 15 patients with SC due to various causes within 8 days of coma to determine the prognostic significance of this EEG pattern. RESULTS The outcome among survivors was favorable: among 13 survivors, 9 were independent in(More)
CONTEXT Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most common endocrinopathy in women, is characterized by high secretion levels of LH and T. Currently, there is no treatment licensed specifically for PCOS. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate whether a targeted therapy would decrease LH pulse frequency in women with PCOS, subsequently(More)
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