Tony Tung Ip Yuk

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In this paper, an exact closed-form formula for the Pair-wise Error Probability (PEP) is derived for two transmit and two receive antennas MIMO systems using the probability density function (PDF) of the modified Euclidean distance. An exact Union Bound formed by this formula, together with the Asymptotic Union Bound, are studied for optimization and(More)
In this paper, the theory and design of a class of PR cosinemodulated nonuniform filter bank is proposed. It is based on a structure previously proposed by Cox, where the outputs of a uniform filter bank is combined or merged by means of the synthesis section of another filter bank with smaller channel number. Simplifications are imposed on this structure(More)
This paper studies the design of a class of perfect-reconstruction (PR) nonuniform filter banks (FBs) called recombination nonuniform FBs (RNFBs). They are constructed by merging subbands in a uniform FB with sets of transmultiplexers (TMUXs). It generalizes the RNFBs previously proposed by the authors to allow more general choice of the sampling factors.(More)
This correspondence proposes a novel method for designing a class of recombination nonuniform filter banks (RNFBs) with the linear-phase (LP) property. In the structure of the proposed nonuniform filter bank (FB), certain channels of an M-channel uniform FB are merged by synthesis filters of transmultiplexers (TMUXs), yielding nonuniform subbands. By a(More)
This paper studies the design, signal round-off noise, and complexity optimization of a new digital intermediate frequency (IF) architecture for a software radio receiver (SRR). The IF under study consists of digital filters with fixed coefficients, except for a limited number of multipliers required in the Farrow-based sampling rate converter (SRC). The(More)
In this paper, the theory and design of a class of perfectreconstruction (PR) biorthogonal nonuniform cosine-modulated filter banks (CMFB) is proposed. It is based on a recombination or merging structure previously proposed by the authors [ 13. By relaxing the original CMFB and the recombination transmultiplexer (TMUX) to be biorthogonal. nonuniform CMFBs(More)
This paper presents a class of perfect-reconstruction (PR) nonuniform cosine-modulated filter-banks (CMFBs) with dynamic recombination, which based on a two-stage structured nonuniform filter-bank (FB). By dynamically merging consecutive subbands in an original uniform FB with pre-designed transmultiplexers (TMUXs) having different numbers of channels, PR(More)
This paper presents the design of a small patch antenna, which consists of one unit cell of composite right/left handed transmission line (CRLH TL). Due to the resonant frequency of the CRLH TL unit cell is determined not by the physical length but by the inductance and capacitance values loaded in the cell, the size of the patch antenna consisting CRLH TL(More)